League Rules

Player Rankings

The Player Rankings are an added bit of fun for all players playing in the league and they are not a true reflection on playing standard.

The total number of points a player accumulates in any season is divided by a divisor to give an average score. This average score is the factor that dictates where a player is placed in the Player Rankings list.

Points are awarded to players for the division played in, position played in and the games won. Once a player has played more matches than the minimum divisor the divisor will increase by a set increment each time a match is played.

Season points

Latest Results

Division 1
13/11/2018 19:00
Neston 217v8David Lloyd Cheshire Oaks 1
Division 1
06/11/2018 19:00
David Lloyd Cheshire Oaks 15v20Liverpool Cricket Club 1

Division 1 table

Neston 1
Village Bromborough
Liverpool Cricket Club 1
New Brighton 1

Upcoming Fixtures

Division 1
20/11/2018 19:00
David Lloyd Cheshire Oaks 1 v Village Mixed
Division 1
27/11/2018 19:00
Northern Crosby Lights v David Lloyd Cheshire Oaks 1